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Makaha Caverns

Dive SiteThese caverns offer some of the best diving on the west shore. This dive is accessible from both boat and shore, with plenty of exploring to be had along these stretches of reef and lava tubes. 

Dive Type: Shore Dive/Boat Dive  (West Shore)

Difficultly: Beginner to Advanced

Average Depth: 20 - 50 feet

Ideal Wave Conditions:  If you're diving from the shore, you want conditions to be as flat as possible or else your surface swim will be rough. If the waves are larger than 2-3 feet, the surge will prevent you from safely entering some of the caverns. 


GPS Address: Makaha Beach Park, 84-369 Farrington Hwy, Waianae, HI 96792 (Google Maps)

Amenities: Showers and bathrooms.

Parking: Moderately difficult. There isn't a parking lot, so parking is off the shoulder of southbound Farrington Highway. It's best to get there early, or else you may struggle to find an open spot. Be careful parking on the sand; we watched our fair share of compact cars get stuck.

Family-Friendly: This is a usually a pretty nice beach to bring the family to, with plenty of space, fewer tourists, and great views of the mountains on the leeward side.


  • It is a longgggg surface swim to get out to the caverns (over 250 meters). If you own or rent kayaks, this is a great spot to do some kayak diving. 

  • As with most west shore dive spots, this location can get rough in the winter time. It's subject to strong cross currents, high winds, and surging conditions.

  • Do not enter the caverns unless you have the proper training and right equipment. We recommend having a primary and backup dive light.

  • Don't enter the caverns if there is a strong ocean surge. The caverns amplify the effect of the surge, and you can be seriously injured or killed in the tighter sections of the caverns. 

  • There's a lot of boat traffic, especially at the west end of the reef. If you plan on swimming out, bring a surface marker buoy. If you plan on kayak diving, be sure to bring a dive flag that is easily visible.

Dive Site Maps:

(Base map courtesy of Google Maps) 

Maps Coming Soon!

Dive Guide: (Under Construction)




Be On the Lookout (BOLO)

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