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Our goal is to be an outstanding resource for locals and visitors alike on the island of Oahu. We believe that spreading knowledge of the island is the best way to increase people's love and respect for both the ocean and the land. We also believe that sharing our experiences can help increase conservation efforts, safety, and awareness of diving in general. Our team is made up of passionate adventurers and divers who love Hawaii and the beauty that is has to offer.


Fulfill our kuleana (responsibility) to share knowledge

Respect the 'Aina (land) and the culture

Spread Aloha to all

Support locally-owned people and businesses

Steven Apsley

Steven Apsley


Steven Apsley is a PADI-certified Open Water Scuba Instructor and US Army Officer stationed in Hawaii. He has spent the past few years working on his skills as an underwater photographer, looking to introduce more people to the beautiful world underneath the surface of the ocean. He spends his free time with his girlfriend Savannah diving, exploring the Hawaiian islands, and playing with his two German Shepherds. He is also the owner and photographer for Rogue Beauty Photography.

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Savannah Timmer

Contributor / Divemaster

Savannah Timmer is a seasoned adventurer who has been diving since she was old enough to swim. You can find Savannah pretty much anywhere outdoors hiking, sunbathing on the beach, or playing with her German Shepherds. Savannah is a PADI Divemaster, with the goal of eventually becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor.

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Henry Alvarado

Contributor / Staff Instructor

Henry Alvarado grew up in Los Angeles, CA and joined the Army to see the world. After moving to Hawaii in 2021, he quickly fell in love with the ocean and started diving. Henry is a certified PADI Staff Instructor as well as an instructor for several PADI dive specialties. He loves surfing, hanging out with his family, and sharing his love of the ocean with those around him.

Jennifer Alshmary

Jennifer alshemary

Dive Guide Contributor

Jennifer Alshemary is a dive professional and avid lover of anything outdoors. She's been SCUBA diving since she was a kid and loves spending her free time in the water. An all-around adventurer, Jenn can be found hiking, exploring, kayaking, or engaged in some other fun outdoor sport when she's not diving. 

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MARC Daniels 


Marc Daniels is a professional Dive Master and US Army Officer stationed in Hawaii. He began his diving career in Vicenza, Italy in 1999 and has spent his life in and around the water. Marc enjoys helping others explore the outdoors and developing new interests. In his free time, you can find him spending time with his family who also enjoy spending time on and under the waves

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