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Freediving is an awesome sport that offers a whole new perspective of the ocean compared to SCUBA and snorkeling. Luckily, we have some world-class freediving instructors on Oahu! We've compiled this list of freediving resources and instructors to help you get started on your next ocean adventure.

Freediving class


Looking to take classes and learn proper freediving technique? Take your freediving to the next level by learning from the deepest free diver in the U.S. with 6x national record holder Daniel Koval. Check out the link below for freediving training, coaching and courses available in Hawaii.

Freediving swimmer


Interested in freediving? This is a great place to start! This beginner guide on Deeper Blue covers many of the basics of freediving, and answers a lot of questions that new divers may have. We always recommend getting professional instruction, but this is a good tool to understand the basics of the sport.

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