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Electric/Kahe Beach Dive Guide (Oahu West Shore)

A guide for scuba diving, free diving, or snorkeling at Electric Beach on the west shore of Oahu, Hawaii



Location Type: Shore Entry/Reef Dive (West Shore)

GPS Address: Kahe Point Beach Park, Farrington Highway, Kapolei, HI (Google Maps)

Difficultly: Beginner (in good conditions)

Average Depth: 20 -30 Feet (By the pipe discharge)

Ideal Wave Conditions: 1-3 ft or lower (entry conditions get rough in higher waves)

Entry: Entry is on a beach, about 100 meters from the parking lot. You must step down a series of rocks to get to the beach, but it's not difficult. Those with limited mobility may need a buddy to assist them

Amenities: Small rinse shower, bathrooms, concrete gazebo.

Parking: There is usually enough (free) parking, but it gets crowded on weekends.

Family-Friendly: This beach is small, but usually family-friendly. The waves on the beach can be rough and unfriendly for small children or weak swimmers. Don't bring the family after dark.



Electric (Kahe) Beach is a popular diving and snorkeling site on the west shore, located directly in front of a power plant. Once you enter from the beach, its about a 50 meter swim to get past the breakers and see the wildlife. If you follow the reef west from shore, you'll find the pipe discharge point, where there is an abundance of wildlife that plays in the current. There are reefs to explore off to the left and right, usually filled with plenty of fish and sea turtles. Visibility can range from crystal clear (40-50 feet) to very cloudy (10-20 feet) depending on the wave conditions. Be aware that there are a lot of free divers, spear fishermen, snorkelers, and boats that hang out near the pipe discharge area; stay aware of your surroundings.

At this location you can find sea turtles, spinner dolphins, an underwater Buddha statue, white-tip reef sharks, spotted eagle rays, manta rays, monk seals, eels, lobsters, octopus, nudibranches, and large schools of fish. Whales breach near the shore during the winter (you can see them from the parking lot). We've ventured out about 250 meter beyond the pipe outlet (snorkeling) and spotted pods of dolphins, a massive stingray, and could hear breaching humpback whales.

Locations to Explore:

Pipe Line

North Reef

South (Tech) Reef


Pro Tip: Get there early in the morning (right after sunrise) for the best chance of seeing monk seals, dolphins, rays, and other wildlife. The schools of fish will hang around, but the more exciting wildlife will move away once the packs of snorkelers arrive. This is also a great spot to do your first night dive (with the right training and buddies). The pipeline makes navigating in the dark easy, and the reef on top of the pipe has some brilliant colors


Dive Maps:

Useful GPS Coordinates

(Unsure of how to use GPS Coordinates? Check out our post on dive navigation)

Pipe Discharge:

158.132532°W 21.353455°N

Buddha Statue (as of Dec 2023)

158.131939°W 21.354707°N

Shark Cave:

158.133564°W 21.355144°N

Swim Through

158.134361°W 21.355436°N

Frog Statue

158.13446°W 21.35550°N

Fallen Soldier Statue

158.132992°W 21.354360°N

Boat Mooring (By Swim Through)

158.134027°W 21.355559°N

After the Dive:

Since we normally go to Electric Beach in the morning, we like to grab breakfast right after our dive.


  • Eggs 'N Things (Ko' Olina): A short drive from Electric Beach, this restaurant has some of our favorite brunch foods and drinks. Although it's a little pricier, it's well worth it for their delicious waffles and eggs benedict.

  • Kountry Style Kitchen (Ewa Beach): Another great brunch spot, it's a bit farther of a drive but the food is well-worth it. They have massive portions or delicious pancakes and local-style breakfasts.


  • Electric Beach: If you don't feel like driving, you can always stay at Electric Beach! Just be warned that the beach area is small and fills up fast on the weekends.

  • Ko'Olina Beach Coves: There are several beach coves at Ko'Olina that are open to the public. Be warned that parking on the weekends can be an absolute headache.

  • Makaha Beach: Right down the road (further up the West Shore) is a beautiful and large beach with a stunning mountain backdrop.

Other Activities:

  • Ko'Olina: There aren't very many tourist attractions on the West side of the island besides Ko'Olina (resort area). If you head to that area, you can walk around the beach coves and enjoy the restaurants and bars in that area. Obviously everything will be pricier due to it being a resort area.



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