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Wildlife & conservation

Looking to identify the coral and animals you see while diving? Check out these useful links to learn more about our underwater world, and while you're here check out some of the conservation efforts in Hawaii!

Manta Ray ID

Hawaii Association for Marine Education & Research (HAMER)

Want to identify a Manta Ray? Submit your photos and videos to HAMER and they can help figure out which Manta you've seen!

Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri


Eyes of the Reef Hawaii

Looking to identify coral formations? Check out this free guide from Eyes of the Reef Hawaii!

Coral Reef Island

Fish Identification

Marine Life Photography

Check out this great guide by Keoki and Yuko Stender listing hundreds of photos of endemic Hawaiian species


Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle Conservancy

We are lucky to have so many sea turtles in Hawaii! Learn more about them and how to ID different species.

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