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Your Online Guide for Adventuring and Diving in Paradise 

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We Need Your Help!

Our mission has always been to provide free information for all divers. We don't like the idea of dive maps being kept behind paywalls or reserved for a select group of individuals. Unfortunately, running this website does come at a cost. If you have enjoyed using this site, please consider donating $5 - $10 to keep us up and running! Your support means a lot, and we sincerely appreciate it!

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What We're About

Our goal is to support safe, sustainable, and fun  adventures for locals and visitors alike.

Creating adventure guides for popular dive sites and locations

Connecting local vendors and businesses with locals and visitors

Providing a gathering place for people to share their adventures

Popular Shore Dives:

East Shore:

Rabbit Island

West Shore:

Electric Beach

North Shore:

Sharks Cove

South Shore:

Point Panic

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